Bulk Order Physical Emburse Cards

Administrators can order a set of Physical Emburse Cards and issue them all at once in Emburse Spend. This allows users to receive physical cards quickly, with less time spent filling out details and approving each card individually.

You can also create virtual cards for 1-10 employees at a time and create physical cards ad hoc on the Team Cards page.

Each member can only have one physical Emburse Card assigned at a time.

Bulk Order Cards

To bulk order Physical Emburse Cards:

1. Click Team Cards in the Admin sidebar.

Team Cards.png

2. Click Create Card.

Create Team Card.png

3. Click Bulk Order Physical Cards.

Bulk Order Physical Cards.png

4. Click CSV Template to download the bulk order template.

5. Complete the template and either drag and drop or click Choose File to select the completed template file from your computer. Once uploaded, click Review Details.

6. After reviewing the shipping details, click the Order Cards button.

Physical Emburse cards cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box.

Any cards issued to individuals without an account will initiate an invitation to Emburse Spend. Their card will be shipped only after they accept the invite to Emburse Spend.

Cancel Ordered Cards

If a card is issued in error to an Emburse Spend member, Administrators can cancel cards on the Team Cards page.

If a card is issued in error to someone who has not yet accepted their invitation to Emburse Spend, the card can be cancelled by clicking People in your Admin sidebar and clicking Cancel Requested Card below the name of the person who the card was ordered for. 

Cancel Requested Card.png

Card requests can also be cancelled in bulk for individuals who have not yet accepted their invitation to Emburse Spend on the People page as well by selecting the individuals and clicking Edit.

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