Getting Started with Emburse Spend

Is it your first time using Emburse Spend or maybe you need a refresher? This article will lead you through Emburse Spend best practices from logging in to submitting your first few expenses for approval. 

Log In to Emburse Spend

1. You'll receive an email when your administrator has added you into Emburse Spend. Click Accept Invite within the email.


2. Enter a password, check the box, and click Get Started.


3. Click Accept next to your company's name.


4. Click your company name to be brought into your account.


Your Emburse Spend Homepage

The first page you're brought to is your personal Dashboard. Here, you'll see:

  • Cards you've been assigned
  • The ability to request a new card or start a new reimbursable expense
  • Transactions that need your attention


On the left side of your screen, you'll additional tabs:


  • Transactions: View all of your card transactions.
  • Cards: A more detailed look at any cards you've been assigned.
  • Reimbursable Expenses: Any reimbursable expenses added into Emburse Spend.
  • Receipts: Any receipts you've uploaded into Emburse Spend.
  • Spend Policy: Any rules your administrator has in place for your account.

Edit Your Personal Details

1. On your homepage click your name, then click Personal Settings.


2. Use the tabs on the left to enter you personal information. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of each page if you've made any changes. The Account Information tab holds your personal details such as your name, email address, phone number, and birth date.


3. The Bank Account tab allows you to connect a personal bank account. Click Connect Bank to begin, then choose your bank and enter your login credentials. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect.


The remaining tabs include:

  • Bank Transfer History: This shows a detailed history of any bank transfers initiated in Emburse Spend.
  • Security: This allows you to change your password and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Email Accounts: This shows the primary email address associated with your Emburse Spend account and allows you to add an alternate email address.
  • Notification Settings: This lets you determine how and when to be notified when certain actions take place.

Request and Use Cards

1. To request a new card, click Request New Card on your personal dashboard.


2. Select what you'll be using the card for mainly, then fill in the card details. When complete, click Request Card.


3. Your Admin will be notified that you've requested a new card and you will also get an email confirmation. Once your Admin issues you the card, you can begin using it to make purchases.

For further information on requesting and using cards, and submitting transactions in Emburse Spend, check out our tutorial video here.

Download and Capture Receipts using the Emburse Spend Mobile App

1. Download the Emburse Spend Mobile app on your smartphone. 

2. Log in to the app with your Emburse Spend username and password.

3. Tap the blue Camera button and take a photo of your receipt.

4. Sync the new photo of your receipt to your Emburse Spend account by swiping down on the home screen. Other options to send receipts in are via e-mail and uploading

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