March 19, 2024 Release Notes: Recurring Spend Page

We have introduced a new Recurring Spend page that is designed to help Emburse Spend Admins identify recurring vendor spend that is being charged to corporate cards. With this information, Admins can more accurately budget for recurring vendor spend that does not flow through your typical procurement, purchase order, or invoice processes.

This new feature is currently only available to a subset of Emburse Spend customers for intial testing and feedback.

Recurring Spend Page.png

On the Recurring Spend page, our machine learning-based model will analyze your corporate card transactions and generate suggestions of potential recurring vendor spend. Admins can then review and confirm whether or not the charge represents recurring spend. Once confirmed, Emburse Spend will track the payment history for each type of recurring spend.

To learn how to use this page more, see Manage Recurring Spend.

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