May 10, 2024 Release Notes

Changes made to the Company Settings area of Emburse Spend are coming soon! Emburse Spend is reorganizing and reconfiguring the options available in Company Settings, so the pages look cleaner and easier to understand.

Below are some of the changes we are making to Company Settings. 

Updated- Company Information Page

We have removed the Appearance page in Company Settings. Instead, the option to upload a company logo has been moved to the Company Information page. As a result, Emburse Spend will no longer support custom email color settings. 

Renamed - Bank Accounts Page

We are changing the title of the Company Bank Account page to Bank Accounts, as the page can contain more than one type of account (Emburse Card Funding Account/ Reimbursement Bank Account) depending on what our members are using.

Updated- Optional Features Page

A few updates are happening to our Optional Features page. 

We have moved the Managers can Issue Cards and 3rd Party Card Feeds options from the Optional Features page to the Card Programs page.

These settings are now included under the Options button on the Card Programs page. 

We are also moving the Bill Pay options from the Optional Features page to a new specific page for Bill Pay to make room for additional feature updates. 

The Mileage Reimbursement Rate, Attendees, Billable Expenses, and Approval Rules options are being moved out of the Optional Features page.

The Mileage Reimbursement Rate option will now be found on the Spend Policy page in the Admin navigation tab, under the Rules section.  


The Attendees, Billable Expenses, and Approval Rules options will be found under the Additional Options section at the bottom of the Spend Policy page.

Removed- Admin Permissions Page

We are removing the Admin Permissions page. Members can now access the toggles for each admin under the User Profile section of the People page in Emburse Spend. 

Relocated - Vendors page

The Vendors page will be moved from Company Settings to the Admin sidebar. 


The Admin sidebar itself has been reorganized into more functional sections and topics. 

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